Living Room Interior Design

To Convert Your Living Room into a Paradise On Earth

Living room is one of the most used rooms in a house where we indulge in various leisure activities. It is a room where we spend time enjoying and relaxing with our family members and friends.

As it is the centre piece of your home it must be decorated with utmost style. Living room interior design will indeed transform the look and feel of the entire house.

Hiring the services of PDI design Malaysia helps you in designing a living room that will obviously reflect your unique style and personality. From the traditional to the contemporary we have loads of gorgeous living room decorating ideas to feed your creativity and imagination.

Tips for living room interior designs:

The living room is the most-lived room in a house. Hence we should make the best of it. The living rooms have to be spacious, perfectly designed, implement well balanced colours and incorporate a distinctive style.

  • Colour has a dramatic and inspiring effect on the character of the room. It is best to implement neutral tones instead of bright colours when decorating your living room.
    Opting for neutral shades allows you to use pillows, curtains and carpets of any colour of your choice. Yes, neutral tones also facilitate you to incorporate modifications to the interior design of your living rooms.

  • The lighting and fixtures used in the living room should also have a neutral tone to complement the decor of the living room. Choose the right type of lighting as it changes the overall ambiance of the living room.

  • Use only those kind and colour of accessories that could be easily altered without ruining the overall interior design of the living room.

  • Decide on the style and theme during the designing process itself. You can incorporate the modern, traditional, transitional, contemporary or eclectic styles.

  • Choose furnishings that make the entire living room look balanced, agreeable, proportional and harmonious.

  • Implement long drapes in case of high ceilings and low height furniture in case of small ceilings. Mirrors can be included to create an illusion of more space and make the room look bigger. It also guarantees a shining, sleek and luxurious look to the living room.

  • Spot the focal point of the living room and implement the use of large pieces of furniture to emphasis the focal point.

  • The right positioning of a floor rug accentuates the comfort and style of the living room and can also alter the entire appearance of the room.

  • Room dividers can be included to create an enclosed space within the living room.

  • Indoor potted plants can be placed to create a refreshing, cool feel.

If you are thinking of decorating your living room do not hesitate to contact PDI design Malaysia who has magical and inspirational ideas to convert your living room into a paradise on earth. We take the time and patience to see that the accessories and the furnishing blend well with the overall theme and style implemented in the living room.

With flair and passion, we create masterpiece living rooms.

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