Interior Lighting Design

Adds a Miraculous Touch to the Look And feel of A Room

Lighting is an important facet of any interior designing project. Though it is an important element of any good interior design it is often overlooked.

It is amazing since lighting affects the atmosphere of a room too. The placement and type of lighting are the important aspects of interior design and they work in unison with the selection of colour, furniture, availability of natural light and size of the room.

Implementation of the right lighting can transform a room into a seamless combination of practicality and elegance.

Importance of different types of lighting to interior designing:

Interior lighting design contributes to the overall look and feel of a space. Lighting accentuates different areas of your home and affects the atmosphere and environment inside the space.

Ambient lighting sets the atmosphere for a space. They usually light up the entire room as it hangs from the ceiling.

Choose the right one to add to the décor and style of the room.

Task lighting which is used in interior design is touted as a practical lighting strategy. It improves the illuminance of a specific area to make a visual task easier.

Accent lighting is used to accentuate or draw attention to certain elements of home décor. This interior lighting design highlights an artwork or an architectural aspect. This type of lighting provides a visual interest to a room. Decorative lighting is an artwork by itself. They are simply used as decoration to the interior design. Yes, they are an ornamental addition to your homes and are used to provide an aesthetic appeal.

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