Home Interior Design

Translating The Dream

Everyone has an idea on how their dream home should look like. Their dreams are unique and they strive hard to realise their dream home fantasies.

PDI design brings a wide array of home interior design services in a unique format that is both affordable and customer friendly. We have a good sense of how a room should look and what furnishings and accessories should be used.

Our dynamic and diverse design team brings a wealth of creativity to fit your style and budget. With an eye for colour and unique details we translate your ideas into reality.

  • Try to incorporate a focal object in the space and make it stand out prominently.

  • Choose lighting and fixtures with care as it affects every design element in the space.

  • A theme or concept can be incorporated in a home interior design to establish uniformity.

  • The appearance, shape, function and purpose of an object should definitely complement the appearance and function of all the other components of a room. It is best to avoid things and objects that does not contribute to the purpose for which the room is meant for.

  • The quality of the flooring also attributes to the look and feel of your homes. Ceramic tiles, laminate flooring and vinyl flooring are highly recommended for bathrooms and kitchens. Wood or carpet flooring can be incorporated in living rooms to render an appealing look.

  • All the things and accessories in the room should be proportionate with regard to their sizes in order to bring about a balance in the space. If things are not proportionate it will greatly affect the overall appearance of the room.

  • When you intend to accessorise, go for prominent colours to make a stylish statement and to make the room look modern. Proper planning of colours and textures can contribute to exceptional visual interest and harmony.

  • You can place mirrors, eye-catching pictures, wall hangings and beautiful wall papers to create an awe-inspiring interior environment.

  • Things should be positioned with care in order to achieve a balance and a visual appeal.

  • When decorating your home the choice of colour enhances the appearance of the room. For small rooms light wall colours can be used and for larger rooms contrasting colours and textures are the best choice.

Designing the décor of your home space is an exciting experience. If you are on the lookout for decorating your home hire the PDI design today. Our preeminent and highly skilled team of interior decorators ensures that you get the value for your money.

We provide you the peace of mind that the home interior design will be both functional and pleasing and meet your needs and specifications as well. Our commitment to creative excellence has made us emerge as a dynamic interior design company in Malaysia. Hire us today. It will be well worth the money.

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